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Wellness Services


Fairfield Equine Services Veterinary Technician kneeling in the stable aisle beside a horse

As we know too well, the foundation of our horse’s health relies on preventing disease along with early recognition of health challenges.

To meet this need, our Wellness Program is designed to provide our clients with the services and information necessary to maintain consistent and long-term equine health.

Many horse owners have experienced an equine medical emergency; however, many common equine diseases and certain kinds of colic and lameness can be prevented with wellness examinations, appropriate vaccination, parasite control, dental care and metabolic testing.


Equine Wellness Examination

Consider our wellness exam similar to the physical exam you receive annually. It’s a general ‘check up’. We evaluate the body’s systems, treat any emerging health issues, and focus on the body systems most likely to affect your horse.

We’ll also provide an assessment of the horse’s overall conditioning, so you can make any necessary changes in diet, exercise, etc. Though it may be more extensive than your average wellness visit to the doctor, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the overall well being of a horse.

If you have any questions during the horse’s examination, whether they be about particular health issues, or general wellness overall, we’ll be happy to clear everything up for you!



Administration of appropriate vaccines to meet the individual needs of your horse is vital to the success of the wellness program.

The demands of your well-traveled equine athlete or retired geriatric horse differ and, as always, we will help you select the inoculations that are necessary to protect your horses from contagious diseases.

Vaccinations are an integral part of good equine management, helping to maximize the health and performance of our horses.



An important part of a preventative health program is parasite control. With the different options available and the emergence of issues such as resistance to dewormers, it is even more critical to plan for parasite control.

The deworming program will be tailored to your horse’s needs. It is not just about the dewormer, but we will also discuss the need for fecal examinations and environmental control measures to decrease pasture contamination.



To insure that your horse is cared for on a regular basis, we will schedule six- month to yearly visits at a time that is convenient for you and your stable.