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Podiatry Services

“No foot, no Horse”

The quality and soundness of a horse’s hoof is essential to the well-being of the horse.

Equine athletes of all levels place a great deal of stress on the internal and external structures of the hoof.

Factors such as poor conformation, improper shoeing, or intense exercise may contribute to injury and foot related lameness.

Proper management and protective shoeing are essential to the treatment of a variety of conditions.

Dr. Robert Neff specializes in equine podiatry and has trained with Vern Dryden DVM, CJF, APF of Burr Oak Veterinary and Podiatry Services.

Dr. Robert Neff works closely with our surgeons to manage cases including: acute and chronic laminitis, white line disease, hoof wall cracks, hoof wall resections etc.

We take a team based approach to cases and will work closely with your regular farrier to find the best solution for your horse.