Fairfield Equine offers ambulatory care to its clients on a daily basis. With a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles, your needs will be met whether you have a scheduled appointment or an emergency. Our veterinarians also work closely with owners, trainers and stable managers to maintain preventative health care programs.

Additionally, Fairfield Equine is always willing to consult on performance issues and maintains an open dialogue regarding the health and well-being of your horse. Based in Newtown, Connecticut; Fairfield Equine provides ambulatory services to a large geographic area: including Westchester County and Long Island as well as the southwestern Connecticut region.

Satellite Services

For your convenience and when you are at your "home away from home," Fairfield Equine is proud to offer national as well as international services. Fairfield Equine provides satellite services annually at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida as well as numerous equestrian events all over the country. Our services are available overseas by special appointment.

We believe that a broad reach enables us to better attend your horse's needs  and provide a consistent standard of excellence in veterinary care.